Whether to effectively implement strategies formulated from the asset review undertaken or as standalone specialized services or as holistic and synergistic solutions, we are able to add value to our Clients’ specific needs by teaming up with reputable partners who excel in their respective area of specialisation.


Together with our partner, we can undertake a comprehensive and technology-based consultancy including government liaison.

The team consists of specialists in physical, personnel and multi-disciplined security setup that enable us to understand the complexities of modern networked security systems, construction requirement and their associated
support infrastructure requirements.

  • Protective physical security audit & risk assessment report
  • Total protective security solution & technical design
  • Technology & advance security product advisory & technical evaluation
  • Protective security training & seminar
  • Tender documentations
  • Security command centre design
  • Analytic CCTV surveillance system
    technology & drone system
  • Face recognition & biometric technology
  • Access control system
  • Perimeter detection & protection system
  • CPTED & Safe City design & implementation
  • Township security & commercial building security system
  • Security feasibility study & research
  • Property management system & apps development
  • IoT & AI solutions
  • Green technology power supply, energy management system and UPS solution
  • Smart parking system
  • Smart telemetry data collector (air quality, water quality, water level, power supply & others)
  • Network Enterprise solution
  • Data Centre ICT


Today’s business faces both environmental and business sustainability challenges. These challenges are about reducing carbon emission and energy expenses. Together with our partner, we employ technology to optimise your energy needs.

In doing so, our partner’s proprietary technology allows us to capitalise on the liquefaction and regasification process of natural gas to retain and deliver a clean energy source.

Our partner works with international and reputable companies to ensure
you receive quality delivery and service.

  • Increasing Energy Efficiency (EE)
  • Up to 20% savings on cooling energy bills (determined and confirmed through a Scale Assessment Review)
  • Greener approach to energy usage and better bottom-line to businesses
  • Take advantage of the Green Investment Tax Allowances (GITA) by purchasing MyHIJAU mark registered products including equipment and systems that qualify as assets
  • Enabling repurposing of existing properties from non-performing traditional business sectors to in-demand technology sectors


Building audit report forms part of the overall assessment of due diligence exercise in making an informed assessment of the risks associated with the acquisition of properties in terms of physical characteristic in particular the technical assets, general building conditions and compliance.

By partnering up with medical planning experts, we specialise in private hospitals compliance audit to CKAPS, apart from general building audit.

We also cover all other types of properties.


  • Field visit and physical site inspection of the properties as well as the immediate
  • Review documents such as approved complete building plans and as-built drawing including other relevant documents.
  • Title search to determine the title particulars and legal status of the subject building.
  • Verbal enquiries at the relevant authorities to determine the legal status of the subject site.


  • To identify that the building construction is in accordance to the approved plans and land use.
  • To identify any defect to the said building and provide necessary recommendations.