Our property and asset management service covers:

•  Budgeting

•  Project financier arrangements

•  Property and asset management system installation

•  Periodic management reporting, and;

•  Reviewing and Implementing


Ian Scott International provides an integrated approach to property and asset management, along with additional services aimed at maximising clients’ investment return by mitigating potential risks affecting the investment. Our approach is to be involved at all stages – from initial design to completion – and short and long term management of the property will always be planned accordingly.

We also focus on the building design from a management perspective, including building materials, finishes, floor plan and layout, circulation, building services, safety and security and suchlike.

However, asset management is where we truly shine. We consider the property as an investment that will provide sustainable cash-flow and positive capital appreciation throughout its economic life, leading to targeted return on investment.

Our team is bolstered by an integrated management system that provides clear and comprehensive reporting of the following aspects:

•  Asset management building management,

•  Building audit,

•  Facility/Maintenance management,

•  Property/Centre management,

•  Project co-ordination services,

•  Reporting and budgets,

•  Financial management,

•  Insurance management,

•  Fit-out management,

•  Leasing management,

•  Tenancy admin management and advertising, and;

•  Marketing and Promotions