Our team carry out an extensive market research and feasibility studies concerning marketability consideration in investment – this leads to timely sales with the right product and competitive pricing.

At ISI we go beyond economic, financial and social contributory factors affecting the property market and focus on positioning the product at the right time and price via a practical and comprehensive business marketing plan.

We deliver:

·         Data findings and summary,

·         Determining the ‘Highest and Best Use’ (HBU),

·         Feasibility based on financial analysis,

·         Viability based on assessment,

·         Workshop and parallel session, and:

·         Submission of the market research and feasibility study report.


Our market research is driven by seasoned analysts in property and economic sectors and the equity market. This provides a holistic overview on the relative performance of all investment asset classes, which in turn impacts the analysis outcome and findings.


We also maintain a close eye on global property market trends and major equity market

performance impacting Asian and international market investment portfolios. Our investor clients can therefore trust that we will make timely and informed decisions concerning their investment strategies and undertakings.